Course Content

  • 1

    Week One: Getting to Know You

    • Welcome To CrossPurpose // Jen Janz

    • Alpha - Faith Option

    • Experiencing God - Faith Option

    • Coping Skills

    • A Founder's Heart Behind CrossPurpose - Juan

    • ID Past & Present

    • Butterfly Circus

    • Hope

  • 2

    Week Two: Getting to Know Myself

    • Storytelling

    • Me Tree // 5 Roots: Feelings, Needs, Step, Why, Trust

    • Me Tree // Weathers of Life: Sun, Rain, Wind, Snow, Lightning, Disease

    • Danger of a Single Story

    • Me Tree // Growing Branches

    • Soft Skills // Handshake, Eye Contact, Body Language, Holding Conversation

    • Phone & Voicemail Etiquette

    • Computer 101

    • Resiliency

  • 3

    Week Three: Designing Myself

    • Life Boat

    • Me Tree // Broken Branches

    • Pechakucha

    • Branding Statement

    • Resume

    • Email Etiquette

    • Shame & Guilt

    • Imagine Project

  • 4

    Week Four: Building Myself

    • References

    • Cover Letter

    • Interviewing 101

    • Interview Skits

    • CAR Method and Top 10 Interview Questions

    • Self Confidence

  • 5

    Week Five: Presenting Myself

    • Customer Service

    • How to Interview Like a Boss by Activate

  • 6

    Week Six: Selling Myself

    • How to End an Interview

    • Closing Motivation

  • 7

    Bonus Videos to Watch

    • A Founder's Heart Behind CrossPurpose - Jason

    • Why? How? What?

    • Why The Me Tree?

    • Employee Rights & Compliance

    • Criminal Background - How to Talk About It

    • Salary Negotiations

    • Top 10 Financial Questions

    • Mock Interview Schedule & Details

    • Career Launch

Welcome! We are excited for the journey you are embarking on by enrolling in our Personal Development course. We can't wait for everything you will learn and accomplish over the next 6 weeks!

Jen and the CrossPurpose Family

Program Director

Jen Janz

Fun Fact - Has four boys who are all taller than her. Jennifer Janz grew up in a pastor and teacher’s home in Nashville, TN. From a junior high age, she was given teaching opportunities. The joy of loving others through creating a safe place to learn became a sincere pulse of her heart. As her passion continued to grow, she completed an education degree and has been teaching for the twenty-plus years since. She moved to Denver, CO in 1996 after marrying her husband, Jason. She is mother to four boys and likes to bike and travel. She has worked at CrossPurpose as a curriculum writer and teacher since its inception and thrives on creating a classroom filled with warm love, judgment-free friendship, and active learners.